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I have recently moved to Cork and am looking for work. Get in touch with me here.

I am a full stack developer, with almost 10 years experience. I work on the front end (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, BackBoneJS etc.), back end (PHP mostly, with some Java too), databases (MySQL, MariaDB), hosting (AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr, etc.), Security/SSL, Linux, Apache, and so on. I have even done some Android apps in the past.

I'm also a UCD graduate after completing my MSc. in Computer Science with first class honours back in 2014.

More recently, I am moving to focus particularly on the front end, starting with this website. However, I have built numerous fully fledged SaaS applications in the past. My most recent project is Survais.com.

About This Website

This website was built using VueJS and Bootstrap for a little styling. I like to think I am framework agnostic, so I have also built this website in React, and AngularJS too.

By the way, they look the same on the front end. Feel free to inspect the pages however.

View this site built with React

View this site built with AngularJS 1.7.8

I have kept the relevant source code within the main page for simplicity sake on each version.

Project List

You can see the older version of this site, built with MaterializeCSS here.

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